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School Counseling

Welcome to the GSMST Counseling Department! 

Amy Burke

(9th - 12th grade, last names A-K)

Michael Weiland

(9th - 12th grade, last names L-Z)

Also in our office: Chris Czarick, Counseling Clerk

We are so fortunate to work with GSMST students!

Mrs. Burke and Mr. Weiland are responsible for guidance and counseling for issues ranging from academic concerns to personal/social concerns.  We are here to help each student become successful in their high school career.  Mrs. Burke works with all students whose last names begin with A-K.  Mr. Weiland works with all students whose last names begin with L-Z. Mrs. Czarick is our counseling clerk and is available to help with needs such as: scheduling appointments, transcript requests, work permits, community service logs, SAT/ACT waivers, and Parent Portal information.


Procedures for Appointments

We have different procedures for student and parent appointments.


Students are encouraged to use our appointment calendar to make an appointment. It is the students' responsibility to make sure they are not missing anything important in class during their appointment time. They should use the confirmation email as their pass out of class (counselors will NOT call for them). Students can find the link for making counselor appointments on the GSMST Counseling E-Class page.

Many questions can be handled via email. Please feel free to email us with questions.

Please come to the counseling office with any emergencies so that we can help without delay.


The Counseling office is available for appointments with parents from 7:30AM - 3:30PM. Please email us or call 678-518-6692 to make an appointment with the appropriate counselor. for all students last name A-K

     Mr. Weiland Parent Information & Appointment Request Form for Students L - Z 


Counselors are available for:

  • Assistance with career decisions, post-secondary options and the college application process.

  • Meetings with concerned parents. Parents should contact the Counseling Office to request an appointment with the appropriate counselor.

  • Counseling with students about personal concerns and problems, such as personal/family relationships, academic or motivation problems, student-teacher and peer relationships, school adjustment, etc.

  • Crisis Intervention and referrals. Some areas of crisis intervention for which identification of need and referral are appropriate include threatened suicide, pregnancy, abuse, and extreme emotional or behavioral problems. School counselors do not engage in private therapy. Parents may wish to consult their child’s medical doctor and insurance carrier for appropriate procedures if a private therapist is being considered. The responsibility of private therapist and related fees lies with the parent.


Outside Counseling Agencies: A list of agencies can be provided as a service. It is the responsibility of the parents or student to pay the fees for these services. GSMST does not endorse any agency or individual. Parents or students should talk with their insurance carriers and medical offices for referrals and benefits.


Anonymous Concern Form for Students

You are always free to talk to the counselors if you are concerned about a friend.  However, please feel free to use this form if you are uncomfortable speaking with a counselor. You may drop it off in the box in the reception area of the Counseling Office.

GSMST Anonymous Concern Form

Title IX information


News You Can Use!

We know how important it is for students to have internet access when they are away from school. Many students rely on free WiFi from libraries, restaurants, and other public spaces. Low-income families may also qualify for discounted rates on home internet service from AT&T and Comcast. Please visit the following links to learn more and to apply.
AT&T Access Program (based on qualification for SNAP benefits):
Comcast Internet Essentials (based on Free/Reduced school lunch benefits):


For Scholarship Information, please see the GSMST Counseling Eclass page.


Community Service Logs

GSMST students can use the log below to document their community service hours.  All GSMST students must earn 40 hours of community service as a graduation requirement. GSMST students who log 200 hours of community service throughout their high school careers are eligible for a Community Service Seal on their diplomas.  Turn completed logs in to the counseling office.

Community Service Log