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Summer Internship Opportunities


Summer internship opportunities will be posted in eclass as information comes in to the school.  Only opportunities that are true internships and satisfy the summer JFE requirements will be posted.  

If you are interested in summer enrichment programs, please also check the main Guidance Counseling Summer Enrichment Programs page.

JFE Summer School

10th grade students who are interested in doing their Junior Fellowship Experience over the summer will need to participate in the JFE Summer School class.  In order to obtain a summer internship, students will need to apply and be accepted into a summer program that meets the JFE requirements OR obtain a summer internship on their own.  All summer internships must be approved by Ms. D'Antonio (Nicole D'Antonio).  Once an internship has been obtained and approved by Ms. D'Antonio, students will be added to the summer school roster. 

When seeking out summer internship opportunities, please keep in mind the following requirements.  In order for an experience to count as a JFE,

  • the program/internship must last at least 5 weeks
  • students must work on-site for a minimum of 10-20 hours per week

All students who wish to receive JFE summer credit must attend class at GSMST on the summer school dates from 8 AM - 1 PM.  The rest of the JFE work will be done remotely.  Attendance for summer school class is absolutely mandatory.