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9th Grade Curriculum

9th Grade Program of Study
6 Required Courses and 1 Elective

Science/Engineering (4 units)– Students are required to take 2 Science and 2 Engineering courses
Physics (1 unit) / Engineering (2 units):  A project based learning environment that integrates the physics and engineering concepts into projects that students will often create, design and construct through the collection and analysis of data to measure outcomes, predict outcomes and confirm outcomes.  This relevant level of integration supports students in learning the content at a much deeper level of rigor balanced with the appropriate amount of support. This is a yearlong course and students will receive one Unit for each course.
Honors Chemistry (1 unit)
Click here for our Mathematics Flow Chart [PDF]
Mathematics (1 unit)
Students will be placed in one of the following based on previous years' success and a test given during Summer STEM experience.
       Accelerated Algebra I Common Core (1 unit)
       Accelerated Geometry Common Core (1 unit)
       Accelerated Geometry Common Core and Accelerated Pre-Calculus (2 units)
       (This option is the most advanced and students will be getting two years of math credit in one year)
   Language Arts (1 unit)
         Honors Freshman Language Arts
   Foreign Language (1 unit):We offer Chinese, Spanish, and German.
   (2 years of the same foreign language is required)


9th Grade Program of Study
(Students select one of the following)

Fine Arts:
·        Band (1 unit)
·        Foundations of Studio Art (1 unit)
·        Introduction to Music Technology (1 unit)
·        Orchestra (1 unit)
·        Beginning Piano (1 unit)
Health/PE: graduation requirement
·        Health (half-year) (0.5 units)
·        PE (half-year) (0.5 units)
·        AP Human Geography (1 unit)
·        Robotics and Mechatronics (1 unit)

General Study Hints for students and parents:  click here